Workshops & Training

In order to achieve visible first effects in the short term, and to create awareness on the theme of diversity & inclusion, we provide short workshops and training courses. Always based on proven insights, practically applicable and fun to follow, through a combination of theory, film fragments and interactive exercises.

Female Development Program

It is and remains important that women – in their development to the top – will capitalize on their talents and their strengths! It is not the intention that they need to acquire male characteristics to reach their goal. Additional focus hereon and a Female Development Program can support this.

A Female Development Program can (also) be set up for female employees in company.

The training will be tailormade and could contain the following topics:

  • Visibility, profiling (“be good & tell it”)
  • Assertiveness & resilience
  • Insight into (the effect of) one’s own behavior
  • Influence skills (being able to use intervention techniques on content, process and procedure)
  • Political arena – formal versus informal power
  • “Old boys network” and networks in general
  • Life-work balance – “meaningful life” in combination with career questions

Career questions

  • How do I create the right working conditions for myself, make choices with regard to assignments, develop more clarity about career direction, possibilities and ambitions.
  • Subject-specific and technical development within the organization can be very good, but can sometimes be limited in other areas (social / managerial / personal). Employees may experience their own development in the organization as too one-sided, too one-dimensional.
  • Some people entertain the idea of ​​a next career step outside the organization.
  • Career question: is this it, do I keep doing this? If I want something else, is this the time to switch ….?

Training: Assertiveness & Resilience

  • Handling conflict situations; to become more professional in confrontations, to feel less personally threatened, to become more resilient
  • Become more assertive, be better in contracting, managing expectations and saying “no”.

Training: Insight into (the effect of) one’s own behavior

  • Learning how to handle interventions techniques and increase influencing skills in order to achieve goals and increase effectiveness.
  • Insight into and / or analysis of your own choices.

Political arena / “old boys network”

  • Insight into the political arena and how to deal with this.
  • For some, the “old boys network” is difficult to fathom; it seems to have an influence on their career perspective, and employees may have difficulty in profiling themselves in that culture.

Life-work balance

  • High work pressure and how to reduce this. The feeling is that it is never enough, no matter how hard you work. No matter how well you sell, you can always do more. Is it all worth it? (watch out for burn-out phenomena for some).
  • This also involves existential questions; to find the balance between work and private life, the demands of the organization versus the responsibilities at home / family. Making choices, learning to say “no”, wanting to be liked, having too great a sense of responsibility. Let go and delegate.
  • Life question: what am I going to do with the rest of my life? Career or more focus on family; ambition versus doing a step back, or maybe dare to make a career switch.