In turbulent times, the call for renewal of the governance of organizations is increasing.

It has been scientifically proven: a greater diversity in the organization is good for innovation, organizational results and profit. Yet there are many companies where, for example, the male-female relationship is still distorted. That’s a pity, because the potential is there.

The Diversity Company helps forward-looking companies, to attract and retain female employees and other ‘minority’ groups. This applies to all layers in the organization and not just to the top. And that is why the time is ripe for leadership in which there is ample room for male and female qualities. In short: diversity in governance.

Fortunately, competencies such as empathic ability, being able to listen, connect, people management – traditionally seen as female competencies – have gradually also become important to be embedded in Boards, Supervisory Boards and Management teams. Diversity and inclusion require leadership above all else. After all, if changes within organizations are not endorsed by the top, nothing will change.

Hélène Propsma
Hélène PropsmaFounder
has extensive experience in both management and consultancy. She combines twenty plus years of experience as a consultant with experience as a manager of professionals. She graduated with an organizational psychology degree, focusing on leadership and change management.
As managing consultant she successfully concluded assignments on the development of individual people, teams and organizations. She combines a background in diagnostics (psychological assessment), with experience in executive coaching, leadership development programs and consultancy .
To apply to her work, her passion and personal conviction that more diversity leads to more success, more profit and more fun, in 2009 she founded The Diversity Company.
Karin Parmentier
Karin ParmentierFounder
has more than 15 years of experience in business services, including as an HR director for Deloitte. She obtained her MBA at Nyenrode Business University. Her graduation thesis was on Gender Diversity.
What drives Karin?
Helping to develop organizations, teams and people. She develops people and teams with a business oriented focus with the aim of improving performance (profit, turnover) and the overall effectiveness of the organization.
My children, two daughters and two sons, all deserve a job in which they are valued for their unique qualities. I am ambitious; I hope for equal opportunities and opportunities for them.
Jos van Oost
Jos van OostAssociate partner
Experienced assessor, consultant, coach. Specialty: assessments of managers and professionals in key positions.
Active in the short-term supervision of top teams – Executive Board, Supervisory Board, – with focus on discussing and evaluating their own effectiveness.
Frequently requested coach and sparring partner of top management.
Advising on selection and succession issues in strategic change processes (specialty: family businesses)
I have a number of great interests, including a literary which I let me inspire:
In the middle of our life path,
I came to my senses in a dark forest,
Because I had not taken the right path.
From: The divine comedy, Dante Alighieri, Atheneum-Polak & van Gennep, 2008


In addition to our core team we work together with various organizations and trainers:

HR helps organizations collecting and analyzing data. No organization has its data in just one system; HR links various sources. Data in itself, without context, means nothing. HR analyzes diversity data within the organizations, including ​​male / female balance, inflow, throughflow and outflow. Might there be a wage gap? Together – The Diversity Company, HR Analytics and you – we explain the results and transform data in actionable information.

Wild Flower Academy is an organization of trainers, coaches and counselors who know how to connect head and heart in business terms. We believe that everyone has something unique that can grow and that growth finds its way right through existing structures, like a true “wild flower”. Growth is stimulated by coordinating the growth path of the organization, team, management and individuals.

Ç&Q Executive Search was founded in 2011 by Françoise Pisters and Quierine Vossen. We search for (national and international) companies based in the Netherlands for the new manager, the director or the specialist who can make a difference. We have a strong network of higher educated candidates with ambitions within the various disciplines and work across sectors. Ç&Q not only stands for quality and professionalism, but also for enthusiasm, energy and experience.